What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture

In general, a CSA allows city residents to have access to local farm fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, etc. depending on what the CSA offers.

When you become a member of our CSA, you are purchasing a 'share' of produce from our local gardens. We provide your share of produce every week for 12 weeks during the growing season. This is dependent on the productivity of the garden and the environmental conditions. Becoming a CSA member of FTFT Rookie supports our local youth and you will receive a weekly container of fresh, local, and chemical-free vegetables.


  • 25 % off all produce grown by FTFT Rookie that is sold at FTFT Rookie farm stands. (bring your friends-members must be present)

  • Ask a FTFT Rookie representative about discounts for buying in bulk quantities.

  • CSA Members will have first choice of U-pick days at FTFT Rookie gardens when there is surplus after the market season is over.

NOTE: CSA memberships with FTFT Rookie are NOT considered a tax deductible donation since goods are given in exchange for the CSA membership fee.

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