What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture

A CSA allows city residents to have access to local farm fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, etc. depending on what the CSA offers.

When you become a member of a CSA, you are purchasing a 'share' of produce from the local farm. Your farmer provides your share of produce generally every week for 15-20 weeks during the growing season. This is dependent on the farm and the environmental conditions.

FTFT Rookie has a CSA program, which would have the fresh produce grown in our garden. 

NOTE: CSA memberships with FTFT Rookie are NOT considered a tax deductible donation since goods are given in exchange for the CSA membership fee.

Purchase a CSA

FTFT Rookie CSA members pay their cost of the share to the farm before the beginning of the season. A full share (3-4 people) from FTFT Rookie will run $30 per week and would cost $360 for 12 weeks. We will also offer a half share (1-2 people) that will cost $17.50 per week and would cost $210 for 12 weeks.

By purchasing this share:

I am committed to sharing in the benefits and risks of this partnership with the FTFT Rookie Garden CSA. I trust the farmers, rookie workers, and volunteers will do their best to produce a varied and consistent selection of produce throughout the 12-week harvest season. I understand that the number of items and selection may fluctuate throughout the season due to weather and other unforeseen causes.

I will not hold FTFT Rookie financially responsible to reimburse part of CSA membership costs should a partial or total loss of crops occur due to any act of God including; fire, lightening, flood, hail, snow, frost, wind, blight, insects, animals, etc. And non-acts of God including vandalism, etc.

Please note that FTFT Rookie assumes no responsibility for member’s safety while at the Rookie garden, visiting or volunteering.

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