Weed 'Em And Reap...

Rookie 2016.jpg

2016 Weed Pulling crew

During the summers of 2014-2016 our work consisted of pulling weeds with the youth workers in an organic corn field.  This opportunity came about because of the generosity of Green Leaf Acres Farms in Hudson, CO. Each morning at 6:15 our 12 passenger van would roll out of the driveway filled with 8-10 sleepy teenagers and 1-2 sleepy supervisors.  After a 45 minute drive to the corn fields, the crew would get their gloves on and begin walking back and forth across the 100 acre field pulling the weeds that were growing among the plants.  After several hours of weed pulling (and toad chasing) the crew would stop for lunch and and an extra half hour break to have a life lesson based on a Biblical truth.  After lunch there would be more weed pulling and toad chasing and then the 45 minute ride back to Aurora.